Wednesday, December 28, 2011

FREE Winter Beekeeping Course in NYC

The FREE Winter Beekeeping Course given by NYC Beekeeping will be starting in January. This in-depth course takes place in Manhattan. There will be one class held just about every week until the end of April. (There are 14 sessions scheduled.)

You can check out the class dates at the Beekeepers Dojo Calendar page or at New York City Beekeeping.

I took this course last year and learned quite a lot. 

The classes also give you a chance to meet other newbeeks and gives you a chance to get in on the group equipment & bee purchases next Spring.

In addition to the FREE indoor classes scheduled, there are opportunities to join in hands-on outdoor hive examinations when the weather gets warmer (also free). These hive exams really help the new beekeeper get comfortable with handling the equipment and the bees that make up a living hive.

Why spend big bucks for a one day class when you can get the best multi-session course for free?

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